Pure Imagination

As most of you probably know, Gene Wilder, a beloved and renowned actor known for such movies as Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory and Blazing Saddles, passed away at the age of 83 on August 29th. Although I have only seen a couple of his movies, I have been a fan since I was considerably young…his distinct mannerisms on camera were genius in my opinion.

I wrote a song to commemorate his life from my point of view, and to cast light on our amazing, big God who somehow creates and distributes to us all these individual and unique talents.

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Music that Impacted My Life (Part II)

In my latest installment in this ‘series’, I want to bring to light a CD that changed the way I saw Christian and Gospel music forever.

Israel & New Breed – Live From Another Level

The first time I heard it…wow; it was just a new sound to my ears.

Keep in mind, I was a young college student, fresh off of my first experience of the Holy Spirit. I had not heard much music that really resonated within my own heart…I mean, at church I was often entertained, but never really compelled to personally internalize the lyrics sung.

Move in stage right, Israel and New Breed.

It just felt like the lyrics came straight from some one’s heart, directed toward God’s heart. The music was fresh and truly worshipful. Each song held its own, but flowed seamlessly to the next. I LOVE the sound of heartfelt worship.

Still a classic in my eyes, and a heavy influence on my own style in piano.

(My favorite song is embedded above…”Friend of God.” I still love it.)

Music that Impacted My Life (Part I)

For those that don’t know, I am very passionate about music. Not only do I like making music, but I love listening to it. And over the years there have been some songs and albums that impacted my life.

It would be safe and ‘religious’ if I said that it was only Christian music that impacted me, and it would also be a lie!  Yes, I love the Lord and I love worship music, but my musical palate has been shaped by many different sounds since the late 80s/early 90s.  In a series of posts, I will share with you a variety of song styles and genres that have shaped my ears.

#1 – Groove Is In the Heart

Though I didn’t really know the words at 5 year old, the vibe of this song was (and is) hard to forget. The whole feel of the song is fun and borderline weird, but I remember it fondly.  One of several songs that fed the quirky, experimental side of my production efforts.

Tell me what songs have impacted your life.  Be honest.

(featured image derived from commons.wikimedia.com; Author: Alishayan79)

Foreknown (Humble Beast artist). Nuff said.

Every once in a while, I will post my own personal reviews of music I consider to be worthwhile and edifying.

This is one of those times. Enter Humble Beast artist Foreknown.

Basically, this album is a very creative one. Each song is very illustrative, the production is tight, and the lyrics are well written. Foreknown mixes humor and spiritual truth with a distinct voice and delivery that make this music worth the listen. This is proof that all music does not have be ‘stone cold serious’ to be effective.

This in particular ministers to me; see, I have a natural desire and inclination to be funny…but as my music began to focus more on my relationship with God over the years, it all became very somber and serious…which is not a bad thing, but I’ve felt over time that it’s not authentically ‘me’ to attempt to preach and not crack a smile on every song.

Anyway, check it out here.

Stay tuned for another Humble Beast post soon…I really respect what those guys are doing for the Kingdom of God, and for music in general.