God is Real.

By now, you probably know that I make music about my relationship with God. It doesn’t always sound like politically correct evangelism, but I’m unapologetic about that because I believe it’s impossible to encourage someone else to have a relationship with God, through Christ, without a personal relationship with Him.

With that, I just want to share an abridged version of a story of an experience I had with God some years ago that changed my life forever.

Long story short, I was 19 and attending a conference with my dad, brother, and several men from my church. Up until that point, I was what you might call a ‘follow all the rules’ type of guy. I did as was told because I liked staying out of trouble. I knew all of the bible stories and could regurgitate information at request. I was active at my church.

But one particular night of the conference, during a time of prayer, the presence of God consumed me. It was REAL. It was tangible. It was overwhelming. It was HEAVY. It was warm and intense. It felt so good. It wasn’t emotion, but I did respond emotionally because of how it felt.

Most of all, it totally changed my life.

For that reason, I no longer go to church because it’s ‘right’…I go to church to seek more of God. The Bible is no longer just a book of good morals. It’s a living, breathing document.

Once you find out that God is real, it changes EVERYTHING. Don’t knock Him until you try Him. Take it from me.

It’s not worth it to do the ‘Christian’ thing just to feel good about yourself or to please someone else. When I tell you there is more to it, I PROMISE you, there is MORE.

He’s real.


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