Music that Impacted My Life (Part II)

In my latest installment in this ‘series’, I want to bring to light a CD that changed the way I saw Christian and Gospel music forever.

Israel & New Breed – Live From Another Level

The first time I heard it…wow; it was just a new sound to my ears.

Keep in mind, I was a young college student, fresh off of my first experience of the Holy Spirit. I had not heard much music that really resonated within my own heart…I mean, at church I was often entertained, but never really compelled to personally internalize the lyrics sung.

Move in stage right, Israel and New Breed.

It just felt like the lyrics came straight from some one’s heart, directed toward God’s heart. The music was fresh and truly worshipful. Each song held its own, but flowed seamlessly to the next. I LOVE the sound of heartfelt worship.

Still a classic in my eyes, and a heavy influence on my own style in piano.

(My favorite song is embedded above…”Friend of God.” I still love it.)

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