Music that Impacted My Life (Part I)

For those that don’t know, I am very passionate about music. Not only do I like making music, but I love listening to it. And over the years there have been some songs and albums that impacted my life.

It would be safe and ‘religious’ if I said that it was only Christian music that impacted me, and it would also be a lie!  Yes, I love the Lord and I love worship music, but my musical palate has been shaped by many different sounds since the late 80s/early 90s.  In a series of posts, I will share with you a variety of song styles and genres that have shaped my ears.

#1 – Groove Is In the Heart

Though I didn’t really know the words at 5 year old, the vibe of this song was (and is) hard to forget. The whole feel of the song is fun and borderline weird, but I remember it fondly.  One of several songs that fed the quirky, experimental side of my production efforts.

Tell me what songs have impacted your life.  Be honest.

(featured image derived from; Author: Alishayan79)

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