Nah, man.

31 years old, and I’ve had more antibiotics in the past year than I’ve had in my entire life.

I’ve had more needles stuck in my arm to draw blood…

I’ve been to the doctor in the past two years more than ever…

NAH, man.

My first passion (aside from the presence of God) is music. But one of my second-most strongest passions is health and nutrition. Whoever said ‘the greatest wealth is health’ was nearly a genius, in my opinion. But you don’t realize it usually until your health has been compromised.

I won’t go into details about the ordeal I’ve been through over the past (nearly) two years, but I’ll just say that things had to change. I have always considered myself a relatively healthy person. I eat a lot of vegetables, I drink mostly water, and I am in the gym fairly consistently. I even run the odd 5k every once in a while.

DON’T wait until you have a health crisis before you decide to ‘really do it this time’. That may be too late. I’ve heard that sometimes, the first symptom of a heart attack is death.

No piece of fried chicken, chocolate chip cookie, or plate of nachos is worth me losing quality and quantity of life to spend with my wife and daughter, and however many other kids we end up having. I hope to inspire the same sobering thought in your own mind.

And with that, don’t hate on me when you see my carrot juice.


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