SNS: He’s the Keyboardist, I’m the Drummer…

Hi all.  I’m Shawn, Shaine’s twin brother.  Like he said in this post, back in our college days we used to do some music stuff…beatmaking, funny rhymes, stuff like that.  Since that time, he’s gone on to form SJMak Music, learn keyboard, and produce for other artists while I have pursued another passion of mine by going the health/fitness route with a personal trainer certification, a health blog and a newspaper column.

In the midst of that, I have always desired to continue to develop myself musically.  There’s something about having a musical talent (drumming in my case) and being able to develop it, even if you don’t plan on going on world tours and stuff.  That’s how I feel and that’s how my brother feels as well.  Yes, I know that I am grown with a wife and a kid, but how far could I take my current drumming skills if I actually practiced?  Have any of my fellow musicians out there felt the same?

Starting when Shaine posted the original post in this series, we both began to make a more concerted effort to listen to songs for the purpose of learning them.  After we listen to them enough, we’re going to start learning them in chunks, and although we are going to try to replicate the songs to some extent, our goal is not simply to be copycats.  Rather, we know that we can learn from folks who are good at their craft, so we plan on adopting techniques that we personally like.

A couple of specific goals I have in this endeavor are to:

  1. Develop hand speed, particularly in my left hand
  2. Develop kick drum foot speed

I know that my lack of speed in my hand and foot is a block to progress for me, so I’m determined to get those right as we learn these songs.  After that, I’m sure I’ll have to move toward additional weak points.

Anyhow, we’re gonna do this thing.  That’s my drum set in the picture, and yes, that’s Batman that you see in there, too.  I like Batman.  Enough said.


We all want to do things. A lot of things.
We want to learn to play an instrument.
We want to lose weight.
We want to ‘eat right’…whatever that means.
We want to be nicer to people.
We want to do a better job at work.
Or do we really want to?

My challenge to you today: take 2 minutes to look up the word “intent”, and then ask yourself if you really want to do the things you aspire to do.

Food for thought…your life could be totally different…if you really wanted it to be.


Day 11 – Not Backing Down (I Know My Rights)

Since the last doctor’s visit, I’ve been fighting…mentally, and spiritually.  When your foot (and almost your whole lower leg) swells up for no reason and all you do is research symptoms and read scary story after scary story, all you can pretty much do is worry. 

Oh, and lose sleep.  And lose some degree of appetite.  And other things that the robber named “Fear” brings along.

I recalled a sermon a pastor named Dan Downey preached, that I’ve listened to probably 30+ times.  In it, he explains that people often want to receive promises from God “on the cheap”…meaning that they are not willing to fight for them.  In the sense of healing, the bible says that Jesus took our sicknesses and carried our infirmities.  So why do so many of us have them?

I won’t go into details on this post, but I have approached this thing from a faith standpoint.  Each day for the past week or so,  I’ve declared, “alright Lord…either this thing is true or it’s not.  Either Jesus did heal me once and for all, or He didn’t.  I choose to believe He did.  And if He did, then thats a promise I’m holding on to.  And if that’s a promise,  then this sickness has no right to remain here.  GET OUT!”

That’s my confession.  And between confessing my faith and doing things I believe the Lord has been leading us to do, I’ve noticed that the swelling and pain are steadily decreasing.

Jesus is truly Lord. 🙂