Presence Night – Deeper Fellowship Church. WOW.

I took the featured image picture from my phone in the moments before the service, or ‘River’ started. The anticipation in the air was thick, even after about a 1.25 hour wait outside.

My wife and I visited Deeper Fellowship Church in Orlando, Florida this weekend. It was not our first time…actually our third. But it was our first time visiting for Presence Night. I’d been looking forward to this for at least a year.

Things started off with strong prayer and exhortation and the atmosphere was so ripe with expectation and desire for God…WOW. I have rarely experienced such a thing in corporate worship, but it resonates with me deeply in a way that only God seekers would understand.

Worship @ Deeper Fellowship Church

Worship was about 5 or 6 songs total…God centered and energetic. I’d venture to say that EVERYONE participated…yet again, a rarity in my opinion. Instead of a ‘going through the motions’ type of thing, it really felt like our worship was accomplishing something. I am sure that it was. Worship leader Trinity and the praise team WENT…IN…oh my goodness. Each song was telling of the very longings of my own heart, and were sung with a passion and a realness that made it easy to join in and give a more hearted effort myself.

In the midst of, and after, worship, Pastor William McDowell, Pastor Caleb, and Pastor Theo were just flowing in the Spirit…what an amazing thing to behold. As they admonished us to pray and receive, rather than spectating, they laid hands on people and prayed as they were led, at times in a coordinated fashion that was, without a doubt coordinated by the Holy Spirit.

There were several occasions where there were ‘waves’, in which it was clear that God was moving…not just at the altar, but throughout the entire room. Pastor McDowell kept reminding us that we could all have it if we would only receive. I absolutely LIVE for moments like this.

Though I did not experience a dramatic encounter that night, my life was GREATLY impacted and I am SURE that my spirit received an impartation, and I was blessed just to see revival in ACTION. Without a doubt, I am compelled to take this culture of revival into my own home. Though I wish I could be at Deeper Fellowship Church every week, I at least know that I can and MUST have this culture in my own home.

And I will.

Thank you Pastor McDowell, Pastor Caleb, Pastor Theo, Trinity and the praise team, the musicians, and all the hungry people at DFC who have showed me that there is a greater move of God to be seen on the earth.

We’ll be back. A LOT.

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