Part 1

revival – restoration to life, consciousness, vigor, strength, etc., – revival (definition)

Until 2003, my definition of revival was a 3-5 night series of church services in which the choir would sing, a traveling preacher would deliver sermons, and a special offering was taken.

After 2003, my definition of revival would grow to become MUCH, much more.

Long story short…I had an encounter with God.

I won’t go into the details now, but it changed my life forever. I had been a ‘by the book’ Christian and was proud of it, but all of that went out of the window after my encounter.

This is resonating with someone right now.

You love the Lord. You even like your church. But you’ve become disillusioned. Church services have become routine; you leave the same way you entered. Not that you want to…it just…happens.

You want to know the God you keep singing about; hearing sermons about; praying to.

You don’t crave the material things. You don’t want a nicer car. You don’t feel the driving desire to pray for millions of dollars.

You crave MORE of Him.

If that’s you, comment below. Let’s start a discussion. Let’s go deeper together.

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