Part 2 – Deeper Fellowship Church

Revival is a concept I have studied for the past 12 years. And it has become apparent to me that the Body of Christ is in need of it. Badly. The Bible makes it clear that we cannot truly reach our true potential as believers in Christ without the supernatural, dynamic power of His Holy Spirit. Otherwise, our programs, services, and attempts at outreach are mostly fleshly efforts at best.

I have read about the ‘great revivals of old’, and they have always inspired me. But a church that has hugely inspired me for the past 3 years is Deeper Fellowship Church in Orlando, Florida.

Pastored by William McDowell, the culture of this church screams revival. Manifestations of the power of God are commonplace there. Last I heard, they’d experienced over 150+ documented miracles within the last year or so. Miracles. Things that many of us dream to see in our lifetime; they’ve seen within a short period of time.

But not without sacrifice. I am a witness to this; having visited twice. Each service (or ‘river’, as they term them) starts with a long line of people hungry for God standing outside the front door. Praise and worship does not follow the modern day, ‘church in an hour’ format that many churches do these days. It is truly a laborious, yet uplifting experience. And total service times usually go ‘UNTIL’…in an effort to allow the Holy Spirit to do everything He intends. Though totally unconventional, the methodology of this church is undoubtedly reaping a harvest…this is truly a sowing church.

The podcasts have changed…my…life. PERIOD. They have fueled my pursuit of God in such a specific way that it’s almost scary. Access them easily by clicking here.

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