Stop Talking, Do It.

The title says it all, folks.

I read an article from a website for the Gym Jones facility in Utah that made this point…with rather explicit language. I would have posted the link, but I wouldn’t wish to offend anyone. Though I normally opt for ‘cleaner’ fare, I appreciated the honesty and bluntness of the post.

Basically, the point is this: someone out there wants to accomplish something. It could be getting in the right relationship with God…it could be to finally lose weight and be healthy…it could even be to learn an instrument. But you can never seem to do it. Why?

The list of excuses rolls on and on and on.

Could it be that you’re afraid to work hard?

Before you stop reading and think I’m picking on you, just think about it.

Think about your goal. Got it? Good.

Now think about what it will take to reach it. Did a shiver go down your spine? Did you get nervous?

I’ll cut to the chase. Sometimes it takes hard work to reach our goals and realize our desires. But should that stop us? We have one life, and a whole lot of potential. We are fearfully and wonderfully made…our brains and bodies have more potential than we could ever imagine. And you mean to tell me that we still find reasons to fall off the wagon?

Let’s stop talking and just DO it.

This won’t be the last post on this subject. 😉

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