Foreknown (Humble Beast artist). Nuff said.

Every once in a while, I will post my own personal reviews of music I consider to be worthwhile and edifying.

This is one of those times. Enter Humble Beast artist Foreknown.

Basically, this album is a very creative one. Each song is very illustrative, the production is tight, and the lyrics are well written. Foreknown mixes humor and spiritual truth with a distinct voice and delivery that make this music worth the listen. This is proof that all music does not have be ‘stone cold serious’ to be effective.

This in particular ministers to me; see, I have a natural desire and inclination to be funny…but as my music began to focus more on my relationship with God over the years, it all became very somber and serious…which is not a bad thing, but I’ve felt over time that it’s not authentically ‘me’ to attempt to preach and not crack a smile on every song.

Anyway, check it out here.

Stay tuned for another Humble Beast post soon…I really respect what those guys are doing for the Kingdom of God, and for music in general.